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to find angle of deviation with angle of incidence through a hollow prism with different transparent fluids(i.e ., water,kerosene,sprit,turpentine oil) with angle of incidenceof30,35,40,45,50,55,60 degree.

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    Angles of incidence and refraction are angles measured from the normal.

    If n represents the refractive index between air and the medium, the equation that governs the relationship between them is

    which gives the value of θr as

    Since n>1 for the media named in the question, the refracted ray would bend towards normal.

    Example calculation:
    Take n=1.33 for water.
    Angle of incidence, θi=30°
    Angle of refraction
    = 30-22.56°

    Review your class notes and/or textbook if it is still not clear.

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