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Calculate the volume of nitrogen gas that will be produced in the air bag of a car when 88,8g of sodium azide is thermally decomposed at 22 C to give the bag a pressure of 1,10 atm

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    2NaN3 ==> 2Na + 3N2

    mols NaN3 = 88.8g/molar mass NaN3 = approx 88.8/65 = about 1.4 but that's an estimate.

    mols N2 produced = 1.4 mols NaN3 x (3 mols N2/2 mols NaN3) = 1.4 x 3/2) = estimated 2.
    Substitute n (2) into PV = nRT at the conditions listed and solve for V in liters. Remember T must be in kelvin.

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    34 litres

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