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science (Eating and allergies)

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Well, can people be allergic to seeds? Recently I have been throwing up after eating. I realised everything causing my sickness was seeds, but I feel like no one else has this. I've eaten tomatoes ( I don't like them but it was in my mum's pasta sauce) and the seeds they made me vomit an hour or so later and lemon and poppy seed cupcake ( thiese weren't all in the same day by the way) which made me sick a bit an hour and a quarter later. I have searched the internet to see if I am allergic. Now, you're probberly thinking how on earth this ties into homework. Well we did seed dispersal in science and it made me dizzy and feel ever so slightly sick. It makes me sneeze because I have hay fever. Recently I get stomach ache when eating cheese or drinking milk so I have bio-live yoghurt which works and doesn't make me sick ( I eat honey yoghurt from Waitrose). I am not allergic to anything so please help me.

I really do need to know before it gets serious.

Thanks and loving the website,

  • science (Eating and allergies) -

    We are not doctors.

    I urge you to see a doctor who may want to have you tested for specific allergies.

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