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2. The polar coordinates of a point are given. Find the rectangular coordinates of each point.
a. (5,(π / 4))
b. (-2,(π / 6))

NOTE: I tried to do these myself and got that:
a= (4.99,0.27)

Which I know these are wrong, so I don't know how to do them..

  • Pre-Calc -

    For any (r,Ø)
    x = rcosØ, y = rsinØ


    x = 5cos(π/4) , y = 5sin(π/4)
    x = 5√2/2 , y = 5√2/2

    so you have the point (5√2/2 , 5√2/2)
    (I don't see why you would want to write that in decimals, since you have to round it)
    appr (3.5355 , 3.5355)

    do the 2nd question in the same way

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