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words to use: curtail, devastate, digress,incentive, incorporate, indispensable,intermittent,rigor,squander and succumb....
Linda never had to work hard to make good grades in high school. But in college, where the rigors of course work were greater, she soon learned that her casual high school study habits would no longer suffice. Linda was also learning how easy it was to squander time on surfing the web and partying. She didn't realize how badly she was doing until she saw her midterm grades, which devastated her. She knew she had to make some changes right away and began to ponder what they should be.As a(n) incentive to work harder, she tried studying with her friend Denise. But that didn't work; their conversation would squander from European history to personal topics, such as dates of favorite songs. Linda decided she'd have to go it alone. She began to skip parties during the week and also to incorporate the time she spent text-messaging or exchanging emails with friends.She discovered that a good place to study was succumb to her new habits, keeping an assignment book, writing due dates on a calendar, and setting up a study habits, keeping an performance fluctuated, and so the improvement in her grades was indispensable -A's and B's alternated with C's and D's. But little, she learned to succumb a social life with serious study and earn grades she was proud of.

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    Your answers haven't changed since I last checked them.

    Why did you post these same wrong answers again??

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    because i need help with ntrying to get the correct one.
    correction: succumb,digress,intermittent,squander,indispensable --please check yo see are these correct....

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    These are wrong.

    would squander from European
    also to incorporate the time
    to study was succumb to her new habits
    improvement in her grades was indispensable
    learned to succumb a social life

    Here's a start:
    their conversation would digress

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