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I have chosen Radioactive for my musical dance routine with my friend. I love this website and Radioactive. So.. I need a bit of help. I'm sticking to the song no matter what and I need advice from music tutors. This is what I have so far:

Song playing in the background via Groove shark
Note we are dancing to a cover by Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix.

Walk in slowly with head low. Stop in the middle of stage/room and face my BFF with head low. (We both do the same thing by the way) then the violin will start to play and we lunge to the left then to the right. After lunging we put right arm on left side of back and do the same to other arm. The violin fastened and we shake are head and body a bit to the melody. The singer will sing this line, " I'm waking up to ash and dust." We will let go of our arms and smoothly do a semicircle motion with them.

With the intro done we then go into a floor position of hand on left eyebrow, one hand on the floor and legs bent. We do this to, " I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust." So when it says, "I'm breathing in the chemicals." We pick ourselves up and sharply move to the side then drop... While the cello and violin have a very dramatic note.

Any ideas (from Radioactive tutor lovers?!) to add the next bit of dancing in. By the way I have to make this dance within a week so be as fast as possible please! Oh, and check the cover and original out if you haven't already! Thanks I appreciate ALL suggestions and improvements. Loving the website,


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