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Let me introduce our team's favorite restaurant. Our team's favorite restaurant is Yumyum Tteokbokki(It is seasoned and cooked long rice cake). It's next to the stationery store in front of our school. Tteokbokki in the restaurant is sweet and hot. I often go to the restaurant to eat tteokbokki with my close friends. That's all. Will you ask some questions about my presentation? When does it open? It opens at 8:00. When does it close? It closes at 9 p.m. How much do you spend a month there? Well, I use about 15,000 won in the restaurant a month. Do you sometimes go there with your family? Yes, I do. My mother likes tteokbokki very much, so she takes me there on the weekend sometimes. How much is a tteokbokki? It is 500 won. What else can you eat there? We can eat sandwiches there. How much is a sandwich? A cheese sandwich is 1,500 won. A salad sandwich is 2,500 won, and then a pizza sandwich is 1,500 won. I also like sandwiches.
Would you check the passage above? Thank you for your help. Have a great weekend.

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    The first three need to be combined:

    Let me introduce our team's favorite restaurant: Yumyum Tteokbokki, whose specialty is seasoned and cooked long rice cake.

    Rephrasing: ,,, I spend about 15,000 won ...

    Everything else is fine.

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