April 21, 2015

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Posted by rfvv on Saturday, June 7, 2014 at 12:53am.

What is in the classroom?
1. There is a blackboard in the classroom.
2. There are lots of lockers in the classroom.
3. There are chairs and desks in the classroom.
4. There are many school bags in the classroom.

Good job! What else can we see in the classroom?

5. There is a bulletin board in the classroom.
6.There are many notice papers on the bulletin board in the classroom.
7. There are many windows in the classroom.
8. There are some magic markers in the classroom.
9. There are two speakers in the classroom.
10. There is a projection TV in the classroom.
11. There are cleaning tools such as brooms and dustpans in the cleaning cabinet in the classroom.
12. There are a lot of textbooks and notebooks in the desk in the classroom.(Under the surface of the desk, there is a space for those things without a drawer.)
13. There is a mirror in the classroom.
14. There are many boys in the classroom.

OK. Everyone. Well done. Stop talking and calm down. Let's move on to the next page.
Would you check the sentences above? thank you for your help.

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