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Homework Help: math

Posted by anonymous on Monday, June 2, 2014 at 5:26pm.

The t-shirts for the fundraiser will cost $4.00 to make and there is a $25.00 delivery fee. There are two sized wristbands; a large one that will cost $5.00 to make, and a small one that will cost $3.00.

1. Write an expression to represent the student council's total cost of ordering t amount of T-shirts.
t x 4.00 + 25.00?

2.If everyone who orders wristbands orders one small and one large wristband, write two equivalent expressions to represent the cost the student council will have to make to have the wristbands made.
350 + $5.00 + $3.00 (I need help with figuring out the other equivalent expression)

3. Explain how you know that the two expressions from question 2 are equivalent using mathematical terms such as product, quotient, factor, sum, and coefficient.

I need help with number two so that I can try to figure this out by my self.

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