April 1, 2015

Homework Help: Health & PE help asap pls!!!!!

Posted by zumai on Monday, June 2, 2014 at 2:54pm.

1. A long term health benefit of regular physical activity is improved

A. coordination
B. reaction time
C. ability to fight heart disease*****
D. speed

2. Ginger and Kelly go to the same middle school in their town. Ginger rides her bike daily to and from school, while Kelly asks her parents to drive her in the car. Which long-term health benefit is Ginger likely to gain from this daily physical activity?

A. improved self-esteem
B. increased flexibility
C. lower stress level
D. protection from heart disease*****

3. Which group or organization can help you learn about your health history?

A. friends
B. community
C. family
D. healthcare providers*****

4. Which statement models the “I” message formula? <--- what is the "I" message formula???

A.You need to study and not cheat on tests.
B. Cheating will only hurt you in the end; it does not hurt me because I already have my degree.
C. When you cheat, I become nervous that you do not understand the information because you are not studying.
D. I should study for this test.

5. Barrett works with a local gardening club to improve gardens in his community. Which dimension of health drove his decision?

A. environmental*****i think
B. spiritual
C. social
D. emotional

6. Parker’s best friend encourages him to try out for a local theatre production of Peter Pan. Parker attended the auditions at the local community theatre. Which step of the STAR process is Parker using?

A. Stop
B. Think
C. Act***** i think
D. Review

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