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Homework Help: Language Arts CHECK ANSWERS

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1. Adolescence is the period of life that follows
A. infancy.
B. adulthood.
C. childhood.***

2. Students can feel overwhelmed by
A. a day off.
B. an easy test.
C. a lot of homework.***

3. Everyone admired the grandeur of
A. the rose garden.***
B. the mountains.
C. the car.

4. To endure a marathon, you must
A. train and be prepared.***
B. be able to talk about the muscles of the body that are used when running.
C. get a medical release from your doctor

5. When you have the means to do something, you
A. do not want to do it.
B. have the resources to do it.***
C. are too poor to do it.

For questions 6–8, choose the pronoun that belongs in each underlined space.

6. Both of the girls must give ____ speeches today.
A. their***
B. she
C. her

7. Amanda has gone to the movies with ______ friends.
A. she
B. her**
C. hers

8. All of the beach has white sand covering ____
A. its.
B. it.***
C. it's.

9. Which sentence corrects the following sentence?
The final decision must be made by Ellen and he.

A. The final decision must be made by Ellen and him.***
B. The final decision must be made by him and Ellen.
C. The sentence is correct.

10. Which sentence corrects the following sentence?
Isn’t that she by the side of the pool?

A. Is that her by the side of the pool?***
B. Is that hers by the side of the pool?
C. The sentence is correct.

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