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1. Mandy kept track of the trade-in value of a collector’s coin for several months through February of this year. She determined the line of best fit for the data was y = 4x + 12, where y is the trade-in value, in dollars, x months after February of this year. According to the equation, when will the trade-in value of the coin be $44?

a) December of the same year
b) October of the same year
c) April of the following year
d) June of the following year

2. A figure is dilated with the center at the origin and a scale factor of 1/4. Which statement is true?

a)The coordinates are decreased by 4.
b)The coordinates are increased by 4.
c)The coordinates are multiplied by 4.
d)The coordinates are divided by 4.

3. Dino used three pieces of string to make a model of a triangle in art class. The lengths of two of the pieces of string were 3 inches and 8 inches. Which could be the length in inches of the third piece of string Dino used?


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    1. Y = 4x + 12 = $44.
    4x = 44-12 = 32
    X = 8 Months = Oct. of same yr.


    3. 8 < x + 3
    X > 8-3
    X > 5.

    7 > 5

    Answer = b = 7.

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