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14. The layer of skin that contains nerves and blood vessels is the _________

15. ________ digestion occurs in the small intestine through the action of enzymes.

16. Urea, excess water, and other waste materials are eliminated in a water fluid
called ______________.

17. ______________ can cause infections by injecting their DNA or RNA into hosts.

18. The human immune system produces ______________ in response to a vaccine, which later can
bind to and destroy a pathogen if it invades.

19. The function of the magnified structure shown in the image below is ______________ exchange.

diagram of lungs with an enlargement of alveoli with attached arteries and veins

20. ______________ are structures that link bone to bone at a joint.

21. In the heart, blood flows from the right atrium to the right ventricle,
where it is pumped to the ______________.

22. The joints highlighted in the image below are ______________ joints.

image of transparent body with the spine highlighted

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