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1. "Am I not a women and a sister"
What were the ideals of the movement related to this medallion?
a)abolition and suffrage******
b)freedom and abolition
c)justice and temperance
d)temperance and slavery

2. Which details from the poster suggest that giving the women the right to vote will distroy home life?

a)the umbrella, the feathered hat, the clock
b)the jacket and tie, the gloves, the laced boots
c) the cat, the husband's shoes, the hanging laundry
d)the broken plate, the screaming children, the boiling teapot*******

3. Read The passage and answer the question that follows:
Many slaves preffered not to escape their horrible lives on plantations because their families were with them. Despite the fact that slaves had no rights, they often found ways to sabotage the plantations on which they lived. Slaves would pretend to be ill so they wouldn't have to work. They would also create trouble by breaking tools such as hoes and plows, which were needed for work. Mothers would work fewer hours to care for their children, so women gave birth to many children. The Br'er Rabbit stories illustrated this trickery ingenuity.

Choose the sentence that corrects a historical inaccuracy in the passage.
a) Many slaves ran away rather than endure the difficult conditions on the plantations
b) Men, women, and children alike had to work long days on the plantations.*****
c) Slaves had limited rights under the law, which allowed them to recuperate when ill.
d) The Br;er Rabbit stories illustrate good behavior, teaching slaves how to work well.

4. How was the second great awakening important to slaves' religious beliefs?
a) It created more tolerance among slave owners which gave slaves their first chance to choose a religion.
b) It made it illegal to punish slaves for going to religious services, so slaves could learn about the bible
c) It allowed many slaves to convert to Christianity because owners felt that converting would make slaves more obedient
d) As owners became more understanding during this movement, enslaved parents were allowed to teach their children about religion.*****

5. Study the diagram below:
central ideals of Transcendentalism
4 branches
1 branch= civil disobediance
another branch= Focus on individual thought and action
another branch= connection between
last branch= ?

Which phrase best completes the diagram?
a) support for Public Schooling
b) commitment to Nonconformity
c) uniqueness of American Culture
d) Return to Traditional Religious Ideals

6. The Transcendentalism movement most directly affected the development of American ???
a) politics
b) literature
c) popular culture
d) painting and sculpting******

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