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1. Who has the power and the United States to declare war? A. President. B. the senate. C. Secretary of state. D. Congress . 2. Which of the following issues relates most to domestic policy? A. Education. B. treaties. C. War. D. Military. 3. Which of the following is true about foreign and domestic affairs? A. They are completely separate types of policy issues that do not affect one another. B. Leaders must consider how one type of policy may affect the other since they relate. C. The president and Senate are the only groups making decisions on these policy issues. D. Officials are separated by which type of policy they work on and ignored the type. 4. Which approach of foreign-policy involves sending ambassadors to other countries? A.isolation. B. diplomacy. C. Intervention. D. Imperialism. 5. The executive department with the most important role in foreign-policy is the? A. Senate. B. Ambassador. C. House of representatives. D. US department of state.

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