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A business owner wants to have a rectangular parking lot resurfaced. The lot is 93 feet long by 58 feet wide. Basesd on a cost of $2.47 per square foot, the owner incorrectly estimated that it would cost $12,000 to have the lot resurfaced. Which could be used to get an estimate that is closest to the actual cost of resurfacing the parking lot?


100 x 60 x 1.5
100 x 60 x 2
90 x 60 x 2
90 x 60 x 1.5

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    Rounding each value to the nearest single-significant-digit approximation, that would be


    I'd choose that instead of 100*60 because in that case both values are rounded up, making the estimate too high.

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    LOL, well there is one sure way to find out

    93 * 58 * 2.47 = 13,323.18
    6000*1.5 = 9,000
    6000*2 = 12,000
    the last two are even lower

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    Thanks guys that makes sense now. And especially thank you because you explained it in detail not just giving me the answer so i can really understand. :)) You guys are awesome:) Hope I can ask another question later if needed.

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    You are welcome :)

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    Good call, Damon. By rounding down to 90 I neglected the rather sizable underestimate of 2.47 by 2.00.

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