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1. Sugar can be dissolved in water because of the presence of bonds between _______ in its molecule.

2. If the maximum amount of a compound that can dissolve in 100 mL of water is 22 g, then a solution of 20 g of that substance in 100 mL of water is said to be _______.

3. A solution of 25 g of the substance described in question 2 in 100 mL of water would be called ________.

4. In most cases, one way to increase the solubility of a solid substance in water is to increase the _______ of the solution.

5. A more precise way for describing the concentration of a solution than to describe it as concentrated or dilute is to state its ___________.

6. To make 5 L of 1M aluminum nitrate (Al(NO3)3), you would have to dissolve ________ of the solute in 5.0 L of solution.

7. 400 mL of a 0.1M barium nitrate (Ba(NO3)2) solution consists of _______ of solute dissolved in 400 mL of solution.

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    Do you have suggestions for these?

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