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The administration of 100mg or more of morphne (molar mass 283) to a patient would be lethel. which of the following would you consider to be a safe dose.

a. 100ml of a 20 percent solution (w/v)
b. 50ml of a 2 M solution
c. 25ml of a 10g/100ml solution
d. 0.5ml of a 1M solution
e. none of the above

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    Calculate mg morphine in each of the choices.
    a. 20% w/v means 20 g morphine/100 mL. I wouldn't recommend this choice (if you want the patient to live).
    b. 2M solution. How many mols is that.
    mols = M x L = 2M x 0.050 L = 0.1.
    g = mols x molar mass = 0.1 x 283 = 28.3 g or 2830 mg; not a safe bet either.
    c. I shall be happy to check out your numbers for c and d.

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