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Posted by mat on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 8:34am.

can someone proofread my essay please.

Martin Luther king Jr, Mrs Gonsalvez, Mr Bryce what do they have in common? Well their leaders. Leaders are people who are kind and caring, But how did they become leaders?. Well they started off as a good student then good citizen then concluded to a good leader. I think that learning to be a good leader/student/citizen would help in our daily lives.

Being a good student means being responsible, being mature, and being respectful. When you are being mature you have to know when to joke about something and know when to take something seriously (Ex. Laughing about a joke the teacher made or when someone tells you something important). When you are being responsible your friends and teachers trust you on what you do or you know when to do the right thing (Ex. Doing your homework or telling someone if one of your friends is being bullied). When you are being respectful you take every human being as an equal (Ex. Listening to your teacher when she tells you to do something).

Being a good student also help us develop to be ready for when we get a job and have a family because school is the place that gives us education to get us ready for our lives, but if you act like a bad student and donít listen to anything you were taught you wouldnít have enough education for a job. Maturity is part of our lives as we grow up.
Being a good leader means being a good role model and working together with your friends and followers or to have better teamwork to build a great team, also a leader has characteristics that makes him/her a good leader like confidence, thoughtful, and a benevolent attitude will power. Confidence is when you believe in you and your teamís abilities (Ex. If youíre good in cooking you could sign up for a cooking class and become better). When you are thoughtful you donít discount people and donít think about what their thinking, instead you try to add people in your group and listen to what they have to say (Ex. Maybe one of your team mates has an idea you have never thought of before). Having a benevolent attitude is when you encourage your team mates to do better instead of discouraging there weakness (Ex. Saying nice try we will do better next time). People try to make our future generation of kids into leaders so that we get a good influence on people who want to make a change in our world to make it better for the next generation.

Being a good citizen in our society means being involved with your community, also it means being a giver, being trustworthy, and being courageous. When you are being someone who gives you donít think about yourself bout you think about other people in your community to (Ex. Volunteering around your community to see if one of your neighbors need help). When you are being trustworthy it is nice to know that your neighbor believes in what you can do and that you are a good influence to the community (Ex. Helping hand and giving all your support to the community). Being courageous is one of the hardest qualities because it takes guts to stand up for a right you have a belief in (Ex. changing a law because it does not feel right). I show being a good citizen by being myself around my neighbors and would help them in anyway possible.
Martin Luther king Jr, Mrs Gonsalvez, Mr Bryce have one thing in common they are great leaders. Being a good leader/student/citizen helps you develop into a strong adult and a great role model. Because of the leaders of today they have made a difference to our society.

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