February 20, 2017

Homework Help: Physics (acceleration)

Posted by Samaira on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 12:05am.

1. Jasmine rode a horse down a path headed north. she started from rest and then accelerated at 0.5 m/s2 for 12 seconds and then travelled at a constant speed for 28 seconds.
a.) what was her velocity after 12 seconds?
b.) what was jasmines displacement after 10 seconds?
c.) how far did Jasmine travel during her 40 s ride?
d.) draw a velocity time graph for her motion

2. Bryce can ride his bicycle at an average speed of 18 m/s and Ally rides with an average speed of 23 m/s. ally gives bryce a 200 m Headstart in a 1 km (1000m) race. use a distance time graph to solve the following questions:
a.) who wins the race? explain your answer
b.) how many meters separate the 2 cyclists at the end of the race?

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