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if you read the giver can you please check my answers and see if they are correct?

. What is the jonas apprehensive about at the beginning of the novel?
A. a plane flying over the community
B. a dream that he had recently
C. the upcoming ceremony and his assingment
I think C

2. In Jonas's community, members are released from the community under which circumstances?
A. as punishment for breaking rules
B. for hoarding snacks
C. for not using precise language
i think A

3. The community has designed jackets that fasten down the back for all children under seven, in order to
A. encourage interdependence
B. limit movement
C. distinguish between the sixes and the sevens
i think A

4. How are spouses matched in Jonas's community?
A. after three years of dating, couples can apply for marriage.
B. the committee of elders matches people who they think will interact perfectly
C. the matching of spouses is determined by their birth order.
I think B

5. which word most accurately describe Jona's feelings after the Cheif Elder skips his number?
A. relieved
B. indignant
C. humiliated
I think A

6. Elsewhere is
A. the world beyond Jonas's community
B. the official name of the community
i think A

7. Jonas and Lily are siblings because they have the same Birthmother.
A. true
B. False
I think A

8 how are the stirrings suppressed?
A. by taking a daily pill
B. by having an operation
C. they disappear after age 14

I think A

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