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Homework Help: Plz, Ms.Sue/anyone check my answers?

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1. Which of the following best explains why it is necessary for the body to eliminate waste?

to allow the body to maintain a certain size
to keep the body’s internal environment in balance
to make room for nutrients coming in ***
to reduce unpleasant odors

2. What happens to the body if the urinary system no longer functions?

The body cannot fight infections.
Toxic cellular waste builds up. ***
Nutrients cannot reach cells.
Oxygen cannot reach cells.

3. Which of the following displays the correct order of structures
urine passes through as it is processed by the urinary system?

nephron, ureter, urinary bladder, urethra
ureter, urinary bladder, nephron, urethra
urinary bladder, urethra, nephron, ureter***
urethra, nephron, ureter, urinary bladder
. Which word or phrase below best describes the function of the urinary bladder?

storage tank ***

5. If a person’s kidneys fail, why is he or she hooked up to a dialysis machine?

to add chemicals to the blood not being supplied by the kidneys
to test the blood for signs of disease
to remove wastes building up in the blood ***
to add blood cells for enhancement of oxygen transport to body cells

6. The following set of terms could be used to describe which system in the human body?

ventricle, hemoglobin, plasma
circulatory ****

7. Suppose a patient comes in to see a physician. This patient lacks the ability to keep warm
and needs to wear heavy clothing even during mild temperatures. Which system of this patient’s body should
the physician be concerned about?

integumentary ****

8. Which of the following systems is not directly involved in the body’s regulation of water?

digestive system
muscular system****
urinary system
integumentary system

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