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chemistry, first year university

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Solid NH4N3 decomposes explosively according to the following equation:

NH4N3(s) ⇌ 2N2(g) + 2H2(g)

A small amount of ammonium azide was placed in a sealed container and the air was removed. The sample was then detonated. At equilibrium the total pressure in the container was found to be 421,959.129 Pa. Calculate Kp.

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    Assuming the temperature was at STP (0°C).

    Consider a 1-L volume.
    Total pressure
    = 421959.129Pa
    = 421.96 kPa
    = 4.1654 atm at 0°C
    Partial pressure of each product
    = 2.08272 atm

    This implies
    =2.08272 atm

    = 2.0827^4
    = 18.8158475075608
    = 1.882*101 approx.

    solids do not enter into the definition of equilibrium constants.
    In any case, in an explosion, we assume all (solid) reactants have been consumed.

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