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Write equations for the ionisation in water of :
A) hydrobromic acid
B) nitrous acid
C) carbonic acid
D) sulfuric acid

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    Ionization of an acid in water is typically the formation of hydronium ions, H3O+ and the associated spectator ion. Example:
    HCl + H2O -> HH3O+ + Cl-

    (A) Hydrobromic acid: HBr
    It is very similar to ionization of hydrochloric acid above.
    For the rest, the reactions are similar, but do balance the equations.
    (B) nitrous acid: HNO2
    (C) carbonic acid: H2CO3
    (D) suphuric acid: H2SO4

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    oops! The example reaction should read:

    HCl + H2O -> H3O+ + Cl-

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