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(1-22)Chemistry - Science

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Consider the following reaction:
C(s) + H2O (g) ⇌ CO (g) + H2 (g) (Kp = 0.45 at 900 K)
What is the equilibrium partial pressure of H2O when the initial partial pressure of water is 1.00 atm?
a) 0.43 atm
b) 0.58 atm
c) 0.22 atm
d) 0.52 atm
e) 1.16 atm

  • (1-22)Chemistry - Science -

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  • (1-22)Chemistry - Science -

    .......C(s) + H2O(g) ⇌ CO(g) + H2(g)

    Substitute the E line into Kp expressin and solve for x = pH2 = pCO
    pH2O = 1-x. The correct answer is D.

  • (1-22)Chemistry - Science -

    Thank you Dr.Bob222 for clarification.

    I am reviewing all the information for Gen Chem 2 for a big exam next week; and as you know the information is quite vast and it takes a bit to recall how to solve the problems correctly. I do not seek for mere answers to these problems, nor for someone to do my homework (I do have the key to all of them), rather I am interested in reviewing, recalling and understanding the concepts. Again thank you Dr. Bob for your help.

    Dear Writeacher,
    Thank you for the attention.

  • (1-22)Chemistry - Science -

    However, following up on what Writeacher wrote, it is a huge help to us if you post what you think is the way to fo, post the process, explain what you don't understand, etc. That way we can focus on helping with the specific part of the problem that is causing concern rather than typing in a bunch of stuff you already know how to do. It's a much more efficient process if you start by showing what you already know.

  • (1-22)Chemistry - Science -

    True. Will do so

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