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Chad buys peanuts in 2 pound bags. He repackages them into bags that hold 5/6 pound of peanuts. How many 2 pound bags of peanuts should Chad buy so that he can fill the 5/6 pound bags without having any peanuts left over?

  • math -

    let the number of bags needed be n
    so 2n ÷ (5/6) must be a whole number
    = 2n(6/5)
    = 12n/5

    The smallest value of n is 5
    So he should buy 5 of the 2 lbs bags

    if n=5 , he will have 10 lbs.
    number of smaller bags he can fill
    = 10 ÷ (5/6)
    = 10(6/5)
    = 12 ---> exact number of bags, no peanuts left over.

  • math -

    3 bags
    in 3 bags he will have 6 pounds. If for each bag he needs 5/6 of a pound this means he will have 1/6 x 6 leftover, which is exactly another bag.

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