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Solution A:50cm^3 of 1.0mol dm^-3 hydrochloric acid,HCl
Solution B:10cm^3 of 2.0mol dm^-3 hydrochloric acid,HCl
(a)Calculate the number of moles of hydrochloric acid,HCL in each solution.
(b)Solution A and B are mixed together.
(i)Calculate the number of moles of hydrochloric acid,HCL in the final solution.
(ii)What is the volume of 2.0mol dm^-3 ammonia,NH3 solution needed to neutralise the final acid solution?

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    A. mols soln A = mol/dm3 x dm3 =?
    mols soln B = same thing.
    Bi. total mols HCl = mols of A + mols B
    NH3 + HCl ==> NH4Cl
    mols HCl you have.
    From the coefficients in the balanced equation, you know mols NH3 = mols HCl
    Then mols NH3 = mol/dm3 x dm3. You know mols and mol/dm3 NH3, solve for dm3 NH3.

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