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Stuck on this homework problem, any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!

A truck has 5.9L diesel engine in it. 5.9L of the overall displacement in 6 cylinders each 102mm bore (diameter) and 120mm stroke (length). Engine operates at 16.3:1 compression ratio and with 6psi (0.41atm) of boost cruising at 1600rpm.

1.) The intake valve closes and the piston compresses the air/fuel mixture to 1/16.3=6% of the initial volume. Calculate the new volume and pressure.
(for the initial volume I got 1,039,387.133mm^3)

2. Diesel engine have high thermal efficiency than gasoline engines, 45% efficient. Thus 45% of the energy in part G is work W and 55% of the energy is heart Q. Calculate W and Q.

3. Use W and the cylinder volume to calculate an average pressure in the cylinder during the combustion stroke (101.3 J= 1L atm)

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