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1. Which of the following was an impact on policing as a result of WWII? (Points : 1)
The Pendelton Act
An increase in educational requirements for police
A shortage of experienced officers
The adoption of residency requirements for police

Question 2. 2. The Pendelton Act of 1883 sought eliminate: (Points : 1)
Testing for promotion
The “good old boy” government
Merit selection
The political spoils system

Question 3. 3. Which of the following is not a criminal investigation initiative since 1990? (Points : 1)

Question 4. 4. The genesis of American professional policing is associated with the initiatives of (Points : 1)
Howard Carte
George Pendelton
Raymond Fosdick
August Vollmer

Question 5. 5. One of the major conclusions of the Kansas City Patrol Experiment was the: (Points : 1)
Level of patrol was directly correlated with the incidence of traffic accidents
Response time varied greatly with the level of routine patrol
Citizens’ fear of crime was altered by the level of routine patrol
A statistically weak correlation between reported crime and level of routine patrol

Question 6. 6. Quality is the antithesis of errors and waste. It is estimated that in public agencies which percentage of every budgeted dollar is virtually thrown away. (Points : 1)

Question 7. 7. Competition differs from conflict in that: (Points : 1)
It is more abstract
Conflict is bad
Competition aways precedes conflict
Under conditions of competition, each side is bound to abide by the same rules

Question 8. 8. The single most important human relations skill is: (Points : 1)
Conflict Resolution

Question 9. 9. The crime analysis technique involves the study of crime and/or social problems in a specific area is: (Points : 1)
Tactical crime analysis
Strategic crime analysis
Link analysis
Telephone toll analysis

Question 10. 10. The authors argue that the new movement toward COMPSTAT is incompatible with earlier community- oriented strategies. (Points : 1)

Can someone please help me with these thanks

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