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A researcher was interested in assessing the effectiveness of the Statistics Diet as
compared to a regular low calorie diet on weight loss. In the study, obese participants were
randomly assigned to one of two groups: (1) the Statistics Diet, which required participants
to calculate the mean number of calories in each food that they ate at every meal or (2) the
Regular Low Calorie Diet, which had participants consume only 1000 calories a day. The
dependent/response measure collected was the number of pounds lost at the end of the
first week of the diet. The following table contains the results of the study.
#of Participants Mean Standard Dev.
Statistics Diet 6 2.3 0.55
Reg.Low Cal.Diet 6 1.23 0.5
4. What is the appropriate hypothesis test?
a. z-test
b. t-test for matched pairs
c. t-test for independent samples
d. chi square test for independence
5. What are the null and alternative hypotheses?
a. Ho:μ1=μ2; Ha:μ1>μ2
b. Ho:μ1−μ2=0; Ha:μ1−μ2≠0
c. Ho:μ1−μ2=0; Ha:μ1−μ2<0
d. Ho:μ1−μ2=0; Ha:μ1−μ2>0

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