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How do sound waves travel between a boat and a submarine in sonar technology?

A. Because of water particles.
B. Because of water waves.
C. Because of water ripples.
D. Because of water currents.

Is it A?

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    Someone else said that it wasn't B.

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    the movement of the sound energy is in waves in the water.

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    Ok, I'm really confused. Sometime ago, PSYDag said that B wouldn't apply if the water was quiet.

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    I am thinking DAG was thinking of waves on the surface, like surfing. Sound waves are not like that, they are pressure waves underwater.

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    To be honest, the teacher here did not give good choices. A good choice has no ambiguity.

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    G8 Electromagnetic Radiation

    1. Mechanical waves require a medium to travel in; electromagnetic waves do not.

    2. radio waves

    3. X-rays have greater frequency then microwaves.

    4. 3 Hz

    5. Longitudinal, transverse, and surface

    6. It is reflected.

    7. water particles

    8. A 10 liter container that has 5000 molecules.

    9. They will be absorbed.

    10. wave B; wave A

    I assure you that these answers are correct relating to the Unit 3 Lesson 3 Quiz with 10 questions. I got 100% and actually found this quiz easier than I expected. Peace! ~ Jules

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