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Easy physics...having trouble with part b

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Moon effect. Some people believe that the Moon controls their activities. If the Moon moves from being directly on the opposite side of Earth from you to being directly overhead, by what percentage does (a) the Moon's gravitational pull on you increase and (b) your weight (as measured on a scale) decrease? Assume that the Earth–Moon (center-to-center) distance is 3.82 × 108 m and Earth's radius is 6.37 × 106 m.

For part a I got 6.8 and it's correct, but I got 0.65 for b and it appears as incorrect.

  • Easy physics...having trouble with part b -

    I agree .65 is incorrect. Weight change=force change

    if force changes by 6.8 percent, then weight changes by 6.8 percent

    deltat Weight=deltaForce

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