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Like Dogs
Yes No
Like cats Yes 194 21
No 110 10

For parts a-d give a fraction and % for answer.

A.What % of all students like dogs?
B. What % of students in the entire class like dogs and cats?
C. What % of students who like cats like dogs?
D. What % of students who do not like dogs like cats?

Make an appropriate display (bar, pie, etc) to examine the association between "liking cats" and "liking dogs".

Do "liking dogs" and "liking cats" appear to be associated? Write a few complete sentences refering to the math and graphs to defend conclusion.

Thank you

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    Were the subjects expressing liking of both animals the same or different? Need to know total number of subjects.

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    All that was given to me was this table:

    Like Dogs
    Yes No
    Like Cat YES 194 21
    No 110 10

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    UGH! The table is not copying correctly when I post the question.

    Like Dogs on top horizontal axis
    Like cats on Vertical axix
    Yes No under Like dogs
    Yes No under Like cats
    yes 194 21(under no on liking dogs)
    no 110 10

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    Something got mixed up when you copied it here.

    Do you mean that 194 like dogs, and 21 do not like dogs?
    Do you mean that 110 like cats and 10 do not like cats?

    Also, please answer PsyDAG's question.

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