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Homework Help: Help Ms.Sue!!! Social Studies

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1. How does the Israeli-Palestinian conflict most directly affect the daily lives of young people in Jerusalem
a. civilian violence
b. peace talks
c. international negotiations
d. political parties ( my answer)

2. which is the best location for farming?
a. east of the jordan river (my answer)
b. central syria
c. southern israel
d. the coast of lebanon

3.why did the creation of israel cause conflict?
a. palestinians already claimed these lands
b. arabs and jews did not speak the same language
c. israel did not have the support of western nations(my answer)
d. britain controlled the new nation

4.what important role did the diaspora play in the history of southwest asia?
a. it established the first kingdom of israel
b. it resulted in the exodus of israelites back to canaan
c. it led to the spreading of most jews outside of israel
d. it made israel vulnerable to arad conquest(my answer)

5.which of the following is the biggest difference between Islam art compared to Jewish and Christian art?
a. it reflects the value of its religious beliefs
b. it upholds the taboo against the portrayal of idols
c. it gives insight into the traditions of the faith (my answer)
d. it is used in holy places in Jerusalem

6.if you can vote in an election for a government representative without political or religious restriction, where do you most likely live?
a. Israel (my answer)
b. Jordan
c. Lebanon
d. Syria

7.what is the greatest challenge to the palestinian authority government in israel?
a. territorial size
b. lack of citizen participation (my answer)
c. disputes among parties
d. threats from Arab forces

8. How do most people in Israel and its neighbors differ from political extremists such as terrorists?
a. they have firm beliefs about the existence of israel (my answer)
b. they are dedicated to their religious heritage
c. they seek peace and security
d. they care little about where they make their homes

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