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Physics- HELP PLEASE:)

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4.) Three 20-Ù resistors are connected in series to a 9-V battery. What is the voltage difference across each resistor?

5.) Three resistors of 5 Ù, 10 Ù, and 2 Ù are connected in parallel with one another. What is the equivalent resistance of this combination? Enter the unit as "ohms".

6.)Three identical resistnaces, each 24 Ù, are connected in parallel with one another and the combination is connected to a 12-V battery (See E12 Diagram on page 280 of your textbook). How much current flows through each resistor in this combination?

  • Physics- HELP PLEASE:) -

    I've tried:
    #4.) ¢V=IR convert to I=¢V/Rseries
    Rseries= R1 + R2+ R3 which is
    2+2+2=6. then I took I=9V divided
    by6. so I=1.5V....( get 3 tries on
    online homework, it said 1.5 isn't
    right, and im not sure what I had
    done wrong.)

    #5.) I did 1/Rparallel = 1/R1 +1/R2
    + R3. soo 1/Rp= 1/5+ 1/10 +1/2=
    1/Rp=0.8...then I get 0.8ohms.

    #6.) and for this one I did same as
    number 5. but change the numbers
    to: 1/Rparallel= 1/24+ 1/24 + 1/24.
    1/Rparallel=0.125...I put it in
    the I=¢V/R equation, so I=12v/0.125 and I get 96A

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