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Mack rolls a 15-sided cube 45 times, what would you predict the probability to be of Mack's rolling a number less than 5?

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    The concept of a 15 sided cube startles me.
    Did you make this question up yourself?

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    No, it's a question on a 7th grade Skills Review

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    You are right; there's no way a 15-sided die could be fair. Even if the area of each face is the same, the angles cannot all be equal, since there is no regular 15-hedron.

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    Perhaps they want us to assume it is possible.
    4 out of the 15 sides are less than 5
    about 4/15 in each roll
    so in each roll the probability of NOT getting less than 5 is 11/15
    so the probability of NEVER getting less than 5 is (11/15)^45
    so our answer is
    1 - (11/15)^45

    which is about
    1 - 8.7^-7

    which is so close to one that you can count on it :)

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