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8th grade geometry

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The quarterback throws a pass from 10 yards from a goal line and 25 yards from a sideline. A receiver catches the pass at 40 yards from the same goal line and 5 yards from the same sideline. How long was the pass?

  • 8th grade geometry -

    This is a right-angle triangle and you need to find the hypotenuse.

    Pythagorean Theorem:

    a^2 + b^2 = c^2

    30^2 + 20^2 = c^2

    900 + 400 = c^2

    1300 = c^2

    36.06 yards = c

  • 8th grade geometry -

    in a football game a quarterback throws a pass is caught on 15 yards line 10 yards from the side line the pass is caught on the 40 yard line 45 yards from the same sideline how long was the pass

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