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Can somebody please check my answers? Thank you :)

1. Which is a key factor that affects the climate of mountainous Latin America?
a. snow
b. El Niño
c. elevation **
d. sea breezes

2. Which statement best describes the economies of Central America?
a. Central America's economy is dependent on the fishing industry.
b. Central America depends on oil as its major export. **
c. Central America is known for coffee, sugarcane, and cacao trees.
d. Most countries in Central America depend on chicle.

3. Which is common to both the Mayan and Aztec civilizations?
a. They both speak Nahuatl.
b. Their civilizations peaked at the same time.
c. They both lived in Middle America. **
d. They both defeated Spanish invaders.

4. Which of the following is true of the religion of the Incas?
a. The Incas believed there was only one god.
b. The Incas worshipped many gods. **
c. Incas believed spirits lived only in the temple of the sun.
d. Incas believed that they should honor people, not gods.

5. What did the Line of Demarcation show?
a. The land of the Mayas and Aztecs.
b. Where water from rivers flow into the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean.
c. Where Portugal and Spain could settle and trade.
d. Where Central America ends and South America begins. **

6. The most unusual thing about how Brazil gained independence was that
a. It was done without fighting. **
b. It took less than a year.
c. Three armies attacked land borders.
d. It was the first time that horses and cannons were used in war.

7. One major economic problem facing most Latin American countries is that
a. The majority of people are poor.
b. The countries were ruled by caudillos. **
c. The haciendas cannot grow enough food.
d. They cannot trade with other countries.

8. Which of the following statements about the ancestry of most of the people of Central America is most accurate?
a. People of Central America are of African ancestry.
b. People of Central America are of mestizo ancestry.
c. People of Central America are of Spanish ancestry.
d. People of Central America are of diverse ancestry. **

9. The two main cultures of the island of Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti) are
a. mestizo and African. **
b. Arawak and Ciboney.
c. Dutch and English.
d. Chinese and Middle Eastern.

10. Andean countries in South America include
a. Ecuador and Bolivia.
b. Brazil and Guyana.
c. Uruguay and Venezula. **
d. Paraguay and French Guiana.

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