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Posted by Anonymous on Monday, April 21, 2014 at 4:33pm.

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Today, Rite Properties needs to send a memo to the residents of The Plaza, an apartment complex they own. Review the memo thoroughly, then edit it for writing style (cohesion, concision, clarity, diction, and variety) AND professional tone and voice. (Think about the audience and purpose of this memo.) Finally, make sure the memo is in the proper format.

Over recent weeks and months we have had an issue with dogs urinating and defecating in staircases, sidewalks, the courtyard, and in the parking lot. This has required daily cleaning of these areas and is consuming additional janitor hours, which costs money and could soon lead to rent increases. Please be respectful of the building and your neighbors and curb your dog from using these public areas as a restroom. If your pet has an accident, it is your responsibility to clean up after it. Okay? If you ever witness this activity, please report it to Management. Monetary penalties will be imposed on the responsible party.

Also effective today, May 15, 2012, Bailey's will tow any Plaza residents vehicles or Plaza visitor vehicles that park in their parking lot. One visitor vehicle from Plaza was parked directly in front of their back door, blocking the way for a big delivery truck coming in this morning, consequently, no one may park over there any more. Residents, we have been over the parking situation over and over, if you or your guests get towed, don't call me. I've put out several newsletters or spoke with individuals about the parking. It is your responsibility to tell your guests where to park. We have had a good relationship with Bailey's for along time, but when we get in the way, everyone must pay the price. Stop and think where you park! Is it going to be in someone's way in the morning? The next time I am called to clear out the cars to avoid being towed because it is blocking a door or driveway at Bailey's, I promise, I will call the tow truck myself.

We have also been changing the filters and checking the smoke alarm batteries this week and there are those of you that are tampering with your smoke alarms! Repeatedly we have told you not to take the battery out of your smoke alarm. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW. Do you have enough insurance to cover all your home's contents in addition to all the contents of several other homes if a fire breaks out in your apartment and because you have no battery in your smoke alarm, no one was warned before it was too late. When the alarm beeps, it means you need a new battery. We have batteries in the office, come and get a new battery. There is absolutely no excuse that can be justified for removing or tampering with any part of the smoke alarm that I will accept. If we didn't have an alarm in your apartment and you had a fire, you would immediately blame us, do we get to blame you when you have removed the battery or tampered with the alarm? Each of you that had removed your alarm battery will be fined $25.00 which is clearly stated in your lease and had been explained in several newsletters.

Again, it is your responsibility for telling your guests where to park. You know how it feels when there are no parking spaces because they are filled with guests. I constantly see the same guests parking on the lot, the lot is posted for resident parking with all others towed, I have threatened to tow in the past, but once again, it has gotten out of hand and we are almost full and it takes every space on the lot just so our residents are allowed to park on the lot. Effective today, all non-stickered vehicles will be towed with no advance warning. When this happens, perhaps you will want to pay the towing charge to your guest since you did not tell them where to park. When your guests' vehicles get towed, please do not contact me. There will be a sticker telling them exactly where to get in touch with the wrecker service to retrieve their vehicle.

Once again there is trash being left outside apartments overnight and during the day. Please, we take prospective residents through the courtyard nearly every day and it is very embarrassing to have to pass other people's trash. If you can't carry it out to the dumpster, leave it in your house until you can. It will be greatly appreciated.

Finally, as the weather heats up and you can open your windows to cool off, remember that this allows sound to travel. If your windows are open after 10 PM, keep the noise in your apartment down. No loud televisions, parties, or music, please. Your neighbors will thank you. Have a wonderful day!

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