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Homework Help: social studies (check answers)

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11.What contribution did Simón Bolivar and José de San Martín make to the history of the region?

A. They served as prominent criollo leaders.
B. They led the revolutions for independence.
C. They instituted the first republican governments.
D. They abolished the slave trade.

12.Economic globalization has had what negative impact on the Andes and the Pampas?

A. increase in food production
B. diversification of economies
C. overfishing and more land clearing
D. more job creation

13.What unfortunate legacy did the Spanish leave Bolivia?

A. class disparity based on ethnic differences
B. a land stripped of resources
C. geographic isolation with landlocked borders
D. nationalized industries that produce limited wealth

14.Vinicius’s experiences in Brazil best reflect

A. political tensions between left and right.
B. geographic disparities between north and south.
C. ethnic differences within cities.
D. religions divisions among rich and poor.

15.Brazil is best known for the

A. Andes Mountains.
B. Pampas.
C. Amazon River Basin.
D. Galápagos Islands.

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