February 22, 2017

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Posted by Sophie on Sunday, April 20, 2014 at 11:33pm.

Where possible, classify these systems as reactant-favored or product-favored at 298 K. If the direction cannot be determined from the information given, classify the reaction as "Insufficient information".

a)2A(g) + 3B(g) -->4C(g) delta H = -95kJ
b)2A(g) + 2B(g) -->3C(g) delta H = 254kJ
c)2A(g) + B(g) --> 4C(g) delta H =322 kJ
d)2A(g) + B(g) --> 3C(g) delta H -193kJ

I thought that a)reactant favored, b) reactant favored, c) product favored, and d) insufficient information because that in a and b there are more reactant than products and in c there are more products than reactant and d is equal amount. But I got the answer wrong. Could someone explain to me?

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