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Homework Help: social studies check answers

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2.Caribbean South America has

A. a predominantly tropical climate.
B. varied climate zones due to coastal and highland areas.
C. an arid climate in the north and a wet climate in the south.
D. mountain climates determined by elevation.

3.Which statement best describes the economics of Caribbean South America?

A. Venezuela benefits from oil resources while other nations rely on cash crops.
B. The entire region largely depends on oil and mineral exports.
C. Most nations rely on coffee plantations with minimal focus on fossil fuels.
D. The people of the region largely survive on subsistence farming while national industries focus on mining and oil drilling.

4.Which of the following incentives most drove Spanish conquest of South America?

A. missionary zeal
B. competition in the spice trade
C. rumors of gold and other riches
D. lure of land for settlement

5.Political instability in Caribbean South America is most closely tied to

A. ethnic differences.
B. religious conflict.
C. wealth disparity.
D. scarcity of resources.

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