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Posted by JuanPro on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 10:39pm.

Q3.2 COLLAPSE TIMESCALE (5 points possible)
Imagine that you live in a distant galaxy far far away. This galaxy is in a different universe, and so may have different cosmology.

It seems that in this distant universe, all galaxies have the same luminosity, which you have worked out is 7.01030W.

You are studying a particular galaxy which you have just discovered. You take a spectrum and find that it has a strong hydrogen line at a wavelength of 659.2 nm. In the laboratory, this line occurs at a wavelength of 656.3 nm.

What is the redshift of this galaxy?

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You measure the flux from this galaxy and get a value of 3.610−18W m−2.

How far away (in Mega-parsecs) is this galaxy?

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If you assume that this universe is expanding at a constant rate, how old is this universe? Type your answer in billions of years.

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