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1. How would you sketch the probable products of the reaction of the cis and trans with each reagent other than AgNO3?

_____ with en _____ with NH3 ____ with KSCN



(NOTE: What are the differences between cis and trans and its formation?)

2. How exactly would you write the net ionic equation for the reaction of [Co(en)2Cl2]Cl with AgNO3?

It would be nice if someone could explain these to me. :)

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    I'm not sure what you want for #1. We can't draw structures on this forum.
    For #2, the Cl outside the coordination sphere is the ionic Cl, therefore
    Cl- + Ag^+ ==> AgNO3. The two coordinated Cl atoms within the sphere are not ionic and do not react with AgNO3.

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    For number 1, I was wondering how would you exactly link the structures together? In the form of tris and trans?

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    A. 884 g pbo2

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