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If 15.0 mL of a 1.5M HCl solution at 22.5 degrees C is mixed with 25.0mL of a 1.5M NaOH solution at 21.5 degrees C that is in a calorimeter, and the final mixed solution temperature ends up at 28.5 degrees C,
1.)what is the balanced equation for this reaction?
2.) what is the source of the heat that is causing the increase in temperature?
3.) Calculate the amount of heat absorbed or lost for the HCl/NaOH solution. Assume aqueous conditions.(Cwater=4.18J/gxK, d=1.0g/mL)
4.) Calculate the amount of het absorbed or lost by the calorimeter. The calorimeter's initial temperature is the same as the solution that is initially inside it.
5.) Determine the amount of heat absorbed or lost during this reaction.
6.)Which of the reactants is the limiting reagent? Determine the moles.
7.)Determine the amount of heat given off per mole of LR. Make sure to include an appropriate sign indicating whether it is an exothermic or endothermic process. Answer in kJ/mol

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    Changing screen names won't help. Read over your post carefully and make sure you have included everything. With no data to calculate it and no calorimeter constant given, 4,5,6, et al are dead in the water..

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