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Language Arts ~CHECK MY ANSWERS~

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Are these answer are correct? Please be 100% correct / honest.

Directions: For questions 7–15, rewrite each sentence, adding commas where needed.

7) While I was researching skateboards, I found an interesting old newspaper.
8) In the June 29, 1999 edition of the Mercury there was an article on skateboarding.
9) Some scientist in San Francisco, California, films skateboarders in action.
10) As they studied the film, they noticed some rules of science at work.
11) To be a good skater, you have to follow safety rules.
12) Yes, skateboarding is not only a sport, but a science.
13) When you balance on a skateboard, there are three forces at work.
14) The weight of the rider is one force, and gravity is another.
15) Pushing up against the skateboard, the ground also acts a force.

  • Language Arts ~CHECK MY ANSWERS~ -

    7 and 8 are wrong. The others are right.

  • Language Arts ~CHECK MY ANSWERS~ -

    8 is incorrect. The rest are fine.

  • Language Arts ~CHECK MY ANSWERS~ -

    Ms Sue is right. 7 needs fixing, too.

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