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Homework Help: Culture and Diversity

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As the cultural landscape changes, it is important to increase our awareness and understanding of a variety of cultures to appreciate why communication can be a challenge. For this task, you will choose a setting, a committee, or an organization in which you are involved as an employee or volunteer. You will then prepare a report for the head of the organization you chose about the ever-changing cultural landscape and the need for improved communication practices through application of diversity skills.


A. Prepare a report for the head of your organization in which you do the following:
1. Explain how three demographic changes in the United States are reflected within the organization.

Note: One or more sources must be used to back up the details of your responses.

a. Describe two ways in which increasing diversity could strengthen the organization.

B. Analyze the current communication practices within the organization by doing the following:
1. Describe two specific communication practices within the organization that could be improved.
2. Explain two stereotypical assumptions that could limit effective communication between members of the organization.
3. Explain two potential barriers within the organization that may hinder effective communication.

C. Propose a plan for improving the issues identified in part B by doing the following:
1. Describe three diversity skills that can help the organization overcome communication barriers.
2. Explain how members of the organization will develop the three diversity skills from part C1.
3. Explain the benefits of implementing each of the recommendations from part C1.

D. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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