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1. Find the quotient: e^2-e-12/e-4

A. e+3/e-4
b. e^2+3
C. e-3
D. e+3

2. Find the quotient: (a^2+11a+30) / (a + 5)

A. a+6
B. a^2 + 10a+25
C. a^2 + 11a + 25
D. a+6/a+5

3. Find the LCM for x^2+3x+2 and x^2 +5x+6.

A. (x+1)(x+2)(x+3)
B. x+1
C. x+3
D. (x+1)(x+3)

Need help with these 3 questions please

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    e^2-e-12 = (e-4)(e+3)
    dividing by e-4 leaves e+3

    a^2+11a+30 = (a+5)(a+6)

    x^2+3x+2 = (x+1)(x+2)
    x^2+5x+6 = (x+2)(x+3)
    now the LCM should be easy

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    Thank you

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