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The entrance hall to the Louvre Museum
in Paris is a glass and metal pyramid with a surface area of approximately 1980 square on each side . The base of the pyramid is a square that is 35.4 meters on each side. What is the slant height of the pyramid ? Round to the nearest hundredth . The base area is not included in the surface area.

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    let the slant height of one side be h

    then using (1.2)base x height
    1980 = (1/2)(35.4)h
    h = 3960/(35.4)
    = 111.8644

    = appr 111.86 m

    this can't be. According to the given dimensions on the webpage, the base is about 35 by 35 and the height is 21.6 m, for a slant height of 27.8 m
    this would give each triangle an area of
    = 486.5

    for a total of 486.5(4) or 1946 square units
    You stated an area of 1980 for each side.

    so using your given 1980
    area of one triangle = 1980/4 = 495
    then (1/2)(35.4)h = 495
    h = 27.966

    height is 27.97 m

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