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please help me balance these equations using the method of half reactions..

Na + HCL = NaCl + H2

Pb + PbO2 + H2SO4 = PbSO4 +H2O

Thank you, even a little help is appreciated.

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    Separate the two half reactions.
    Na ==> Na^+ and
    H^+ ==> H2

    Balance the atoms (so we're comparing apples with apples when we start the electron loss and gain).
    Na is ok.
    2H^+ ==> H2

    Do them one at at time.
    Na ==> Na^+ + e

    Next do the other one.
    2H^+ + 2e ==> H2

    Electron gain must equal electron gain so multiply Na half equn by 2 and H half equn by 1 so we have this.
    2Na ==> 2Na^+ + 2e
    2H^+ + 2e ==> H2 and add them.
    2Na + 2H^+ + 2e ==> 2Na^+ + 2e + H2
    Cancel the 2e on each side.

    Now you can add the spectator ions.
    2Na + 2HCl ==> 2NaCl + H2

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